Alderney Society Museum

Open April to October

  • Monday to Friday 10 – 12 noon and 14:30 – 16:30
  • Saturday and Sunday 10 – 12 noon

At the Alderney Society Museum, you can see World War 2 German Occupation objects and documents; this collection is unique, as Alderney was the only British dominion fully evacuated by civilians and then occupied by the German forces for the duration of the war. The island was fortified to be part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall, and four labour camps were built. The collection includes the first-hand accounts of both Nazi soldiers posted on the island, and Russian slave labourers who survived the war and later returned to Alderney to tell their stories. Military objects and documents are stored and on display, whilst treasures such as trench art show an aspect of the war rarely discussed.

A collection on the return of the islanders in 1946 contains all evacuation documentation, and objects such as Government issued furniture. It provides an insight into Government thinking on the clean up and re-habitation of the island. The task of finding all the residents on the island and finding them a home in Alderney was tremendous, and the collection documents meetings, test runs, and the tentative new methods used to re-establish Alderney.

The Elizabeth Wreck collection includes superb examples of Elizabethan standardisation of cannons, and artefacts brought from the wreck by Alderney divers — including armour and leather shoes, which survived hundreds of years below the surface.

There are also significant collections of archaeological finds from digs funded by the Alderney Society. Newspapers and cuttings, maps and charts of Alderney and the Channel Islands, Victorian fortifications and harbour building, natural history, artworks, war medals — and more!

For further information, see the Alderney Society Museum website.