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Visit Alderney Lighthouse

The Alderney Lighthouse, otherwise known as Mannez Lighthouse, is a stone lighthouse built on the north-east coast of the island of Alderney. It was constructed in 1912 to protect shipping from the dangerous waters of the Alderney Race and the numerous rocks surrounding Alderney.

The Alderney Race is a notorious strait of water between Alderney and Cap de la Hague in France, and has the strongest tidal streams in Europe. These are caused by the tidal surge from the Atlantic building up in the cul de sac of the gulf of St. Malo. Water flows through at speed at high tide and is sucked back down as the tide recedes. An uneven sea bed adds to the turbulence, with a number of hazardous rocks located within a few miles of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse itself is 32 metres tall and is painted white with a central black band to make it more visible to shipping during the hours of daylight. The former keepers’ dwelling adjoins the tower, as do the service rooms. The station is surrounded by a white wall.

Alderney Lighthouse was automated in 1997 with the keepers leaving the lighthouse on 1 October.

The lighthouse is now monitored and controlled from Trinity House Planning Centre in Harwich, Essex.

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What to do

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Angling in Alderney

Angling in Alderney

Across its three square miles Alderney has the ideal topography for angling; there are a multitude of undisturbed, sheltered bays and rocky outcrops just waiting to be explored

Alderney Aviation

Aviation in Alderney

Aviation in Alderney is celebrated; the island’s amall airfield allows private aviators to land on the island and avoid the crowds in the busier seasons.

Alderney Society Museum

Alderney Society Museum

At Alderney Society Museum, come and see World War 2 German Occupation objects and documents; this collection is unique as Alderney was the only British dominion fully evacuated by civilians…