Hauteville House

Located in St Peter Port, Hauteville House is where Victor Hugo, French author and poet, lived during his 15 year exile in 1855. The island provided inspiration for many of his famous works, including Toilers of the Sea and Les Miserables.

Hauteville House was built around 1800 by an English Privateer and came into the possession of William Ozanne. It gained the reputation of being haunted by the spirit of a woman who committed suicide and consequently became unoccupied for several years.

Hugo bought the house on the 16th of May 1856. Guernsey laws prohibited the deporting of people with property on the island, ensuring he would not be expelled.

Between 1856 and 1870, Hugo decorated, furnished and transformed the property and gave it its name: Hauteville House.

It currently houses an honorary consul to the French embassy at London and the Victor Hugo museum.

Unfortunately Hauteville House is closed to the public for 2018 whilst a major restoration project is undertaken. It will re-open in 2019.