Herm Guided Walks

History and Mysteries of Herm

These guided walks run from May—August on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Although their starting point is in Guernsey, if you are staying on Herm, you can pre-book yourself on these tours.

Throughout the tour, you will gain an understanding into how the island’s inhabitants helped make Herm the island it is today. You will hear the stories of the people who lived on the island, along with the legends, murders and the many ghostly sightings.

From Neolithic nomads who arrived in their search for food and shelter to the monks and missionaries who suffered awful massacres for their religious beliefs, the seafaring smugglers and Prussian princes who introduced a variety of unusual wild life to the island, and, finally, the lords and ladies who called the island home and enjoyed entertaining their guests and throwing lavish parties, this is a fantastic and immersive way to explore the island.

Herm Exposed & Uncovered

This tour explores the very heart of this beautiful island, offering an insight into its fascinating history.

During the walk, you will learn about the mining industry of the 19th century, the neighbouring island of Jethou, and understand a little more about how the island was under German Occupation. Stories of the island’s tragedies, buried treasure, and ghostly sightings will once again make you understand what life was like on this tiny island for those struggling to survive.

Annette Henry

Our recommended tour guide is Annette Henry.  Annette is a Gold Accredited Guernsey Tour Guide and has been offering a variety of walking tours in Guernsey, Herm and Alderney for the past 17 years.

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