Jersey Zoo

Jersey Zoo, also known as Durrell Wildlife Park, began as the first ever conservation-themed zoo. Fifty years later, it’s the natural place to discover some of the world’s most incredible (and endangered) creatures.

Nestled in the green, rural parish of Trinity, Jersey Zoo is 32 acres of stunning wetland valleys, open greens, and mature woodland. As well as being a tranquil retreat for families looking to escape the everyday ‘rodent race’, the Park offers sanctuary — and in some cases a genuine lifeline — to some of the world’s most threatened animals.

Meet the mighty but surprisingly gentle gorilla family, made famous by grandfather ‘Jambo’, who tenderly guarded an injured boy who fell into his enclosure in 1986. You won’t fail to relate to the group of Sumatran orangutans, or be amazed at the sheer diversity and sizes, colours and shapes of reptiles, amphibians and birds, all living in spacious, naturalistic enclosures. Look up into the massive trees in the west end of the Park, and you might be amazed to see free-ranging tamarin monkeys behaving just as they would in their native South American rainforest.

What you won’t find is cramped cages, concrete, and animals kept on display for public entertainment; this was, after all, a place established by Gerald Durrell, with the welfare and survival of endangered animals as the foremost priority. Over 50 years later, this remains the core ethos underpinning ‘Durrell’.

With a choice of two on-site cafes, a fabulous gift shop, and a superb, safe children’s play area, there’s no reason not to set aside quality time to explore ‘the jewel in Jersey’s crown’.