Horse and Carriage Tours

Enjoy a leisurely horse and carriage ride on Sark, an enchanting way to explore the island. Various tours are available that will take you through the quaint narrow lanes to places of breathtaking natural beauty. Sit back and take in Sark’s scenery whilst the history of the island is narrated to you by a cheerfully enthusiastic bi-lingual driver.

Visitors can share a carriage ride with other visitors or book private six-seater waggonettes.

A comfortable high vantage point provides views over the hedges, and the peacefulness of this mode of travel is characterised by the creaking of the harness, the jingle of the rings on the horse’s bit, and the rhythmic clunk of  hooves on the old country roads.

For your peace of mind, all carriage drivers must take a test to obtain their carriage driving licence.  This involves driving skills and horsemanship, as well as a knowledge of the history of Sark.

There are two main types of vehicles on Sark – a carriage which can seat six people (four in the back and two in front beside the driver), and a van which seats ten people (eight in the back and two up front).

In high season, carriages will be at the top of Harbour Hill at La Colinette to meet you as you arrive. There are two types of sightseeing trips: one hour or two hours.

Visitors can arrange for their ride in advance by making a reservation online, or directly by phone or email.