Sark Museum

Well worth a visit, this museum allows you to experience Sark’s long history, spanning centuries. It is run by volunteers from 2 – 4.30pm daily (until 5.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays) during the season.

The building is not medieval itself, but still significant enough to be mentioned in the “Channel Island Houses” book by the architectural historian John McCormack. The book discusses the well tucked into the hollow of the cottage, and you can see this from the museum’s courtyard. The building became the island’s telephone exchange, and now houses two diverse collections.

There are photos showing buildings of significant historical interest, where the royals have visited, and tells the story of rural life on Sark. In the same room is the heritage collection of cultural and lifestyle implements, several unique to Sark, including a takeover attempt in 1990 by an unemployed French nuclear physicist called Andre Gardes. He arrived on the island with a semi automatic weapon, and put up posters telling the islanders of his intention to take over the following day at noon!

Sark Museum also boasts a popular and important collection of World War II memorabilia, showcasing the island’s unique and challenging war experience as shared by the islanders, British, and Germans. Rare re-prints of local newspapers are on display, and there is a small selection of history books available to purchase.