Sark Observatory

Sark Observatory celebrates the accolade ‘Dark Sky Island’, awarded to Sark in 2011. Sark was actually the first in the world to receive it.

The absence of light pollution and the fact that there are no vehicles allowed on the island other than bicycles, horse & carriages and tractors make it one of the best places on earth to view spectacularly explosive starry skies and rarely seen galaxies and constellations.

After over a year of fundraising and dedication, the Sark Astronomy Society succeeded in establishing Sark Observatory, and visitors are in for a real treat as it is still a little known gem. There are guided tours, and with access limited to eight people at any one time, it is impossible to feel overcrowded. Often, a telescope is not needed—many planets and stars are visible to the naked eye and can be seen before even reaching the observatory.

Prestige tip: Bring a torch with you as there is no street lighting on Sark. In the summer months, the island does not get dark until as late as 10pm, so please bear this in mind when you are planning your visit. We also recommend you consult the weather forecast and allow for several opportunities to visit the observatory during your stay.