Window in the Rock

A fifteen minute walk from La Seigneurie Gardens brings you to one of Sarks most precipitous and scenic attractions; the Window in the Rock. Not for the faint-hearted, this is a square shape cut into the rock with a sheer drop the other side and spectacular views of the cliffs.

Local folklore is that a previous Seigneur of Sark blasted this hole into the rock to allow him to sit and admire the view. The walk, or cycle, to reach it is beautiful but please be aware that there are no hand rails, signs or safety warnings. Alternatively guests can stop here as part of a horse and carriage ride around the island. Port du Moulin beach is also just a few minutes walk from here. This pebbled cove is known for its excellent snorkelling opportunities in the glassy blue waters and the adventurous can go through the rock arch on the right to swim inside a tiny cove. (Please note access to this cove is at half tide and visitors heed local advice to avoid being cut off by the tide)