Alderney’s Wildlife

Alderney’s wildlife is truly one of its highlights. Alderney is home to many species, both on its coast and inland. Sea kayaking and boat trips are popular, allowing visitors to see not only the brightly coloured marine life, but also the bottlenose dolphins and grey seals. If you visit in the spring and summer, you’ll be certain to see the beautiful flowers of Alderney in bloom, which attract a plethora of butterflies and moths — of which Alderney has one of the most diverse populations in Britain.

Alderney Wildlife Week

Alderney hosts an annual wildlife week, an event packed with exciting educational activities, such as wildlife walks and boat trips.

Bloomin’ Alderney

Every year, some of Alderney’s private gardens are made accessible to the public; also scheduled are talks, events and more.

Wildlife Festival

An annual weekend to celebrate the diverse species the island is home to.