History in Alderney

History in Alderney is diverse and rich, making the island a great destination for history lovers not wanting to travel too far from home. The island has been inhabited for some 5,000 years, giving it a rich and diverse history and heritage. Its stories are told through the island’s remaining architecture.

Perhaps most famous is The Nunnery, one of the best preserved Roman forts in the United Kingdom, which can be found at the bottom of Bluestone Hill.

The Victorians then built 18 more forts and batteries to protect against the French, highlighting the strategic importance of Alderney in Anglo-French relations.

Further defenses were built in the face of the ever increasing threats during World War One, and in World War Two—under the Occupation—Alderney was fortified by the Germans. It is possible for us today to explore these German gun emplacements and bunkers.

However, please note that these have been left largely as they were, and it is important to enquire at the Visitor Information Centre as to which of the sites are currently safe to visit.

History Tours in Alderney

There are many guided walks available which showcase these sites, as well as bird watching walks and hedgehog walks. Prestige Holidays recommends Annette Henry, who has been leading guided walks and tours across the Channel Islands for the past 17 years.

For those looking to explore more independently, getting around the island could not be easier, and most visitors choose to explore on foot or by bicycle. Unlike some of the smaller islands, it is also possible to get in a taxi or even hire a car to help you get around.