The Little Chapel

Guernsey’s Little Chapel was constructed to be a miniature version of the grotto and basilica at Lourdes, France. Work started in 1914 by Brother Deodat — although the version you see today is actually its third reincarnation.

The first attempt was so small, Brother Deodat demolished it the following night due to criticism. The second was completed in 1914 and blessed, surviving for nine years until it was destroyed again after the Bishop of Portsmouth could not fit through the doorway.

The third and final chapel involved Brother Deodat collecting pebbles and broken china for decoration. An article in the Daily Mirror gave the structure exposure, meaning gifts of china from around the world (and even some mother-of-pearl) were donated to Brother Deodat  to complete it.

The chapel has free entry and relies entirely on public donations for its conservation and survival. It is one of Guernsey’s most famous landmarks and a must-visit—the perfect quirky photo opportunity.