Permaculture Gardens at Stocks Hotel

In 2013, Stocks Hotel created a unique “permaculture” garden within their grounds. The purpose of Stocks Gardens is to produce cut flowers and fresh ingredients for the hotel to use, within the concept of organic permaculture. This is a worldwide collaboration to change the impact the human race has on our planet and work towards greater land regeneration and sustainability.

Examples of some of the techniques used here are: composting, using own horse manure, the use of chicken tractors, companion planting, and sowing seeds according to lunar cycles. The hotel also bottles its own water into reusable glass bottles.

Guests to both the island and the hotel love to visit these gardens, and visitors can book a guided tour during their stay. Head gardener James Harrison has been recently appointed to develop and expand this even more.

Why not pair a visit to Stocks Gardens with an afternoon tea at the hotel, or lunch to sample this homegrown produce? With the island also producing eggs, seafood and meat (where possible), there will be very few air miles in your meal.