The Venus Pool

If you research Sark on the internet, one of the first images you are bound to see is that of the Venus Pool on Little Sark. The Venus Pool is a natural rock pool protected from the elements by towering granite cliffs, where visitors can swim* and relax in the turquoise water. It is simply stunning, like something from an Enid Blyton novel, making it the perfect place to cool down after the journey across La Coupee to Little Sark. The flat rocks surrounding the pool also make it an excellent sun trap.

The coastline of Sark is in itself a beauty to behold. Being predominantly rocky, you will find lots of inlets and whole cave systems to explore. There is also a smaller pool near the Venus Pool which visitors can go to, affectionately called ‘Cupid’s bath’.

*Please be aware that the Venus Pool is a naturally occurring rock pool, and access to it is not always easy. You will need sturdy footwear, and swimming is dependent on the tides.